Whatever respective role you play in your company, no doubt your number-one priority is the customer. After all, your success as a business is inextricably linked to their success. And the best way to make sure your customers succeed is by strategically gathering, and then knowing how to use, customer feedback.

Chances are, you’ve already gathered some basic feedback in the form of surveys, interviews, focus groups, and/or actual usability testing. And that’s great - it means you’re already ahead of the game!

But not all feedback is created equal -- depending on how it’s gathered and applied, feedback can usually range from decent to dangerously misleading. But there is a higher-quality level of customer feedback, one that’s tailored to your unique needs. It can uncover frustrations your customers are experiencing and reveal real opportunities to help them make progress -- and in turn, boost adoption and engagement. Plus, the high quality feedback we’re talking about avoids the usual pitfalls inherent in most feedback gathering methods (which we talk about in depth here.) 

In fact, the type of feedback we gather is so targeted and specific we don’t even call it feedback - we call it intel. Thanks to our in-depth SLOW interview process and use of lifelike, code-free prototypes in our realistic Sim Lab simulations, we’re able to gather honest, actionable data about your customers’ needs, motivations, frustrations, and goals. And our years of experience and expertise allow us to synthesize the information and data we collect and present you with actionable opportunities to increase value, boost adoption and engagement, remove areas of friction, improve the customer experience, and meet your business goals.

This high level of targeted intel we can provide has wide ranging, tangible benefits for every single type of stakeholder in your company -- benefits you probably didn't even realize were possible.

By now you’re probably wondering exactly what’s in it for you and your business. Read on to learn more about how the targeted, synthesized customer intel provided by Knurture can help you if you're …

… The CEO/Founder

Your main concern is growing your business, and you don’t have time to waste on missteps, guesses, or things that won’t help further that goal. The type of targeted intel we gather in the Sim Lab will allow you to:

  • Focus on what matters — Using customer intel to focus the team prevents people from wasting time on projects that don't benefit the company
  • Scale Faster — Companies who incorporate quality intel into their day-to-day operations are able to scale their businesses faster because they can focus on the features that matter to their customers.
  • Reduce Churn — Our intel gives you a better understanding of the job your customers have hired your app to do, as well as whether or not the app is meeting their expectations. By understanding customer behaviors and motivations, the team can hone in on what their customers really want from their product.
  • Save Money — Targeted customer feedback in the form of intel saves time and money by freeing your team up to focus on building what your customers actually want rather than wasting time on ideas that miss the mark
… Head of Product 

You’ve got a lot on your plate, and no time to waste. A tool that will allow you to get your product out faster, with data-based improvements focused on customer success, will make your difficult job much easier. The intel we provide allows you to:

  • Accelerate Product Development — Rapidly iterate on the customer feedback cycle because lifelike prototypes are much faster and cheaper to create than actually building it.
  • Have Confidence in Your Decisions — Feel confident in your product roadmap by validating customer needs for a particular feature or portion of the product before building it.
  • Facilitate a Better, More Responsive Roadmap — We use the intel we gather to help shape your customized, responsive product roadmap. The intel helps shape the direction of the product roadmap by providing tangible, data-informed opportunities for improvement
  • Empathize with Customers — Provides concrete information about what the customers are doing today and what their needs, frustrations, motivations, and goals are
  • Make Data-Informed, Not Opinion-Driven, Decisions — Right now, your team has lots of ideas and lots of data points. Intel can help you to focus on what's going to provide the most value to customers, and make it easier to solve differences of opinion (now, the answer to disagreements can be, “let’s test it!”)
  • Reduce Churn — Customer feedback allows companies to have a better understanding of what their customers have hired their app to do (and if the app is meeting their expectations), their behaviors and motivations. This allows the team to hone in on what their customers really want from their product.
  • Save Money — Targeted customer feedback saves time and money by freeing your team up to focus on building what your customers actually want rather than wasting time on ideas that miss the mark
… Head of Engineering 

Working in a vacuum without context can lead to a lot of wasted time and effort -- and it’s frustrating. The intel we provide will give your work purpose and allow you to:

  • Have Confidence in What's Being Built — Good customer feedback means you will be able to communicate to the rest of the engineering team why certain functionality is being built (and is needed).
  • Reduce Wasted Time — You’ll reduce the time your team spends building products that either don't get used or never see the light of day, and that means the work that you do will have A CLEAR purpose.
… Customer Success Rep

 As a customer success rep, you want the customer to succeed -- but not knowing how your customer defines success is a huge obstacle to doing your job. The intel we provide will help you:

  • Work with more customers -- During SLOW interviews, we're able to identify the biggest frustrations and friction points that derail customers and could cause them to churn, in turn reducing support requests
  • Showcase value more effectively -- Because we use the intel to guide the evolution of the product so that it displays value, this makes it easier for customers to easily grasp the value of the software they're using.
… Product Marketer 

It’s frustrating to put so much work into a marketing campaign only to realize you’ve missed the mark. But with good customer feedback, that doesn’t need to happen. The intel Knurture provides help you with:

  • Messaging — By hearing honest reactions directly from customers, in their own words, you can hone the message so that it aligns with what their customers perceive as valuable.
  • A/B Tests — Customer intel can help you determine what to A/B test on the marketing website
… Head of Sales 

In an ideal world, all your pitches would land because you would know exactly what customers need and want in order to succeed. The targeted intel Knurture provides will help you with:

  • Messaging — By hearing reactions directly from customers, in their own words, your sales team can more effectively test different messaging and value propositions to see what sticks and what doesn’t
  • Demos — Because we use intel to build the product so that it displays value, this makes it easier to show off in a sales demo.

Bottom Line? No matter what role you play in your company, the intel Knurture can provide will give you actionable insights into your customers that will help improve your product -- and facilitate your job in ways you never thought possible.