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OK Boomer, We're Actually Experts

You know what they say. Fool me once and I found a way to get promoted, but fool me twice and my next performance review is really going to suck. Here are some real-life people that have worked with us.

Katie and Anthony are the yin and yang of FBR. They really pushed and pulled on a new concept I was working on, helping my idea launch faster.

Chris Heivly
VP Innovation, Techstars

Their process comes with a lot of expertise... It’s a lot faster, more efficient, and it also has a higher likelihood of hitting the mark when we actually release it to customers.

Hiten Shah
Founder & Angel Investor

The thing that I got most excited about was seeing all of the opportunities to make our app a lot better.

Claire Alexander
GVP & GM, Capterra

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200+ Teams

have used some or all of the Feedback Rules as rocket fuel.


Reimagined the product & freemium marketing strategy.


Crafted the on-boarding process to increase activation.


Tested product market fit for a new feature.


Exited a startup for integration into Project Phoenix.

Appia (acquired)

Worked with the product team on a native Android project.

Archive Social

Designed the website & strategy for testing product market fit.


Designed and devised a strategy for testing a new product line.


Crafted a new feature set to improve long-term retention.

BI Connector

Optimized marketing for conversions & engagement.

Boomerang Commerce

Crafted a product experience that helps retailers compete.


Designed a dashboard to help SMBs improve their website.

Bossa Nova Robotics

Developed a new marketing site based on feedback.

Capterra (acquired)

Held a 2 day workshop on using feedback for their roadmap.

Caseology (acquired)

Used feedback & reviews to reimagine their marketing.

Choice IRA

Used prospect feedback to launch a new type of IRA.

Clearbrain (YC 18, acquired)

Defined roadmap & marketing using customer feedback.


Launched a website to test the value proposition and market fit.

Crazy Egg

Increased engagement & retention for a beloved product.


Designed a gamified system for providing feedback to brands.


Provided UX and front-end support for their client projects.


Crafted a marketing page & experience for Instagram celebs


We didn't work on a top secret project with the design team.


Used prospect feedback to launch a new company.

Fluent City

Ran product-market fit research for a new product offering.

Fountain (raised $23M)

Used customer feedback to craft a scheduling experience.


Increased activation & retention by focusing on first use.

Kenandy (acquired)

Designed a Salesforce tool using prospect & internal feedback.


Took a mobile app from concept to MVP by running research.


Held a 4 week workshop on using feedback in their product.


Used feedback to help find product market fit.


Optimized a high-stakes, complex sign-up process.


Identified and iterated on areas of friction and progress.


Built the brand, marketing & iPhone app.

P3 Privacy

Simplified how their value proposition is being explained.


Iteratively tested product-market fit for v 1.0 of the product.

Proximic (acquired)

Completely redesigned the app based on customer feedback.

Quick Sprout

Tested which alerts triggered the desired customer behavior.

Reveal Mobile

Rapid prototyping & MVP validation for their app.


Upgraded features pages and designed a top secret product.

Sageworks (acquired)

Created a sign up flow that focused on driving quality leads.

Service Trade

Designed and optimized web and native mobile application.

Signifyd (raised $100M)

Gathered customer feedback to hone product design.


Used feedback to launch a new, self-service product.

SimpleRelevance (acquired)

Created and tested a dashboard that focused on the app’s value.

Sociocast (acquired)

Simplified segment creation process to improve retention.


Reimagined the dashboard to simplify information gathering.

Spreedly (raised $75M)

Crafted positioning and pricing to increase conversions.

The Startup Factory

Increasing conversions for a startup accelerator.


Collaborated on the experience of client projects.

TransLoc (acquired)

Crafted sales & marketing collateral for six figure deals.


Created a functional prototype and user research for clients.

Unblab (acquired)

Designed a unique experience for prioritizing an email inbox.


Rapid prototyping & MVP validation for an HR app.

Windsor Circle (acquired)

Designed a UI that reinforces their sales messaging.

Zift Solutions

Reimagined a complex flow based on customer feedback.